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Front End Engineer

From photography to programming - I began my coding journey by teaching myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I then attended Academy Pittsburgh, a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp. Where I got an intro into many other languages, group projects and back-end exposure. Coming from a creative background, I have always been drawn to the Front End. I am a dark mode and theme enthusiast. I love being able to paint the web with CSS. The tech industry is ever-evolving and I love being able to grow with it, while continually solidifying the fundamentals. I write my code from a place of empathy - for future developers, teammates, users, and with accessibility in mind. I also love joining communities, helping new developers, and supporting organizations to promote diversity in tech.

When I'm not programming, I focus on my hobbies which are: collecting (arguably too many) house plants, learning about skincare, comedy podcasts, playing video games (Animal Crossing and Dead by Daylight currently), seeking out extremely spicy foods, live music (heavy bands or indie in particular), and traveling. I'm happy anywhere I can hike with my dog. When the world opens back up, you'll find me traveling around Japan, a nod to the Sakura Theme.

Current Location: Nashville, TN.

Current Work: UX Engineer at D2iQ.

Current Deep Dive: Accessibility improvements, UI/UX design principals, React/Redux ecosystem, Webpack bundling and optimization, and performance improvements for React, converting apps to TypeScript and integrating Cypress for testing.

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